Amanda & Jonathan Engagement Photography at NOMA, Hotel Saint Vincent, & Pontchartrain Hotel

Amanda & Jonathan Engagement Photography: A Luxurious New Orleans Love Story

Embark on a journey of elegance and romance as we reveal the enchanting engagement photography of Amanda and Jonathan. Against the backdrop of New Orleans’ most opulent locations, this charming couple’s love story comes to life. Join us on this captivating journey through the iconic New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), the sophisticated Hotel Saint Vincent, and the timeless Pontchartrain Hotel, including the alluring Jack Rose and Hot Tin. Let’s explore the essence of luxury and love through our lens.

A Tale of Love and Success

Amanda, a marketing executive, and Jonathan, a brilliant neurosurgeon, make for a power couple that exudes beauty inside and out. Their love is as radiant as their accomplishments, and capturing their affectionate moments was an absolute delight.

New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA): Where Art Meets Romance

Our engagement photography session began at the prestigious New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), a haven for art enthusiasts and the perfect location to portray Amanda and Jonathan’s love in a setting of timeless beauty. NOMA’s majestic building stands as a testament to architectural beauty, with its awe-inspiring facade, a grand staircase that exudes grace, and the lush New Orleans City Park enveloping it in natural splendor.

Hotel Saint Vincent: A Sophisticated Oasis

Continuing our journey, we ventured to Hotel Saint Vincent, a sophisticated oasis that oozes charm and luxury. From the moment we stepped inside, the ambience set the perfect tone for an engagement portrait session filled with romance and allure. This remarkable venue captured the essence of Amanda and Jonathan’s love in every shot.

Pontchartrain Hotel: Timeless Beauty Unveiled

Our final destination was the iconic Pontchartrain Hotel, a symbol of timeless beauty, on St. Charles Ave. Inside, we explored the enchanting Jack Rose and Hot Tin, where Amanda and Jonathan’s connection truly shined amidst the ambiance of luxury. The venue’s rich history and elegant decor provided a dreamy backdrop for a couple whose love seemed to transcend time.


Amanda and Jonathan’s engagement photography session was an unforgettable experience, capturing their beautiful love story in the most luxurious locations New Orleans has to offer. From the artful surroundings of NOMA to the sophisticated elegance of Hotel Saint Vincent and the timeless allure of Pontchartrain Hotel, every moment was a celebration of their love and success.

If you’re seeking engagement, or wedding photography, at NOMA, Hotel Saint Vincent, or Pontchartrain Hotel to capture your own love story in opulent style, we are here for it! Let us tell your love story through our lens, with the allure and elegance you deserve. Contact us today to embark on your enchanting journey of love and luxury in the heart of New Orleans.



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