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Why should you hire us?

We know that this day is very special and the only way to remember it is through photos. We’re here to be a resource, to answer your questions, and help create a stress-free atmosphere. We want you to look back 20 years from now, and not only have stunning photos, but also be able to say- “wow, that was an amazing and fun day and we had a great team with our photographers!”

Having a stylish, fun, gay photographer…does not get better than that 😉

What are your wedding rates?

Great question! Our average client spends between $9,000-$13,000. Because wedding services are not something you buy every day, we’d love to schedule a meeting to get to know the two of you, hear more about your wedding, and tell you more about us. During that meeting, we can go through the pricing guide as well.

Do you travel?

Yes! We love to travel and love shooting destination weddings. Mateo has has mastered the art of traveling with camera gear for events and weddings and would LOVE to be a part of your love story! Please fill out our contact form and tell us more.

Do I need a second photographer?

If you are hiring us for a standard 7-10 hour wedding day, the answer is YES. If you are hiring us just for a small, intimate 30 person micro-wedding, then probably not. For a standard wedding, we have one of our associates, in addition to Mateo, every time. It is crucial you have someone with your fiance before ceremony, someone capturing additional/creative angles on things during the day & wedding. It is KEY to have at least one other photographer. 

Do you have an assistant?

We do! We have a Creative Coordinator/Stylist that is included in most wedding collections. That person is separate from our associate photographer. They in charge of styling our couple’s throughout the day, styling the details of everything (invitation suite, couple’s hair, fluffing dress, fixing jewelry, etc), posing our couples, clearing backgrounds, etc. They are not your everyday assistant and have been with our team for years. This is truly one of the things that makes us different from most. Our creative coordinator’s are not the planner, by NO means, but they are in charge of everything on the production side for us and keep the day running super smooth and fun. 

Do you offer videography?

We do not offer videography. However, we work with some amazing videographers and would love to give you our recommendations.

Do you provide the raw images?

This is not a service we offer often. If you have a compelling reason, it is something we would consider for a certain amount. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality final product that has been color-corrected, exposed properly, cropped, etc. 

How many pictures will we receive?

We do not guarantee any amount because every wedding is different. However, most clients receive an average of 400-800 photos. 

Do we print through your company or somewhere else?

We do recommend you print through our lab. Most local and online print shops will not give quality prints. We truly care about the product you receive and can guarantee that by printing through us you will get the absolute best. With that said, you do not have to print through our lab. When you book with us, you will receive a print release allowing you to print your photos anywhere.

Have you shot at my venue before?

With over a decade in the wedding industry, we’ve shot at hundreds of venues so there’s a good chance we have. We like to think we are masters of light at this point and can shoot pretty much anywhere and under any light circumstances, and still provide incredible imagery. We are always happy to do a walk-through of your venue before your wedding, but honestly, we feel confident in our abilities to take any space and make it look great. For destination weddings, we will most likely do a trip out there before the wedding, or fly in several days before to be able to scout the lay of the land. We also consult with the venues/planners to chat about locations/logistics, and then consult with our clients on those options to make sure your vision comes to fruition. 

Do you shoot other events besides weddings?

Of course! While weddings are our forte, we do enjoy shooting other events such as engagements, proposals, anniversaries, corporate event, seminars and more. Reach out for a full list of events we shoot.

What type of edits do you do to our wedding images?

In addition to our aesthetic vide of editing, we also focus on color correction, lighting, exposure and much more. For prints and albums, additional touch-ups may be requested.

How many hours of coverage do you suggest for my wedding?

That depends on the vastness of your day. We’ll schedule a meeting with you, and/or  your planner, to go over the details and discuss a timeline that’ll allow the right amount coverage to best suit your needs. Our couples typically need anywhere from 7 to 10 hours.

What happens if we go over the amount of time contracted?

We do charge an additional hourly rate that’ll be found on the pricing guide; however, we will not charge you before discussing it first.

When can I expect my engagement photos?

We offer a guaranteed turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks. We realize that engagement photos may be used for save the dates, invitations, or printed for parties, so we definitely strive to push them to you sooner.

When can I expect my wedding photos?

We guarantee your wedding photos are delivered to you between 8 to 12 weeks. We want to make sure your photos are just right before you receive them.

What rights do I have with my images?

We own the copy right and provide you with the print rights. An image print release provided to you will contain this information.

What rights does the photographer have with my images?

We respect the needs of our clients and are willing to make changes to the contract if necessary. We have tons of experience with a couple who request their images not to be used for any publication due to underlying circumstances and that’s okay!

How do you back up my photos?

Each photographer uses two memory cards when shooting and the images are immediately backed up when we return to our studio after the wedding. Your images are backed up in our hard drive, the cloud and two addition local backups.

Can we meet before booking?

We’re glad you asked. We love meeting with our couples and getting to know all about who you are. So please, let’s grab a cocktail or coffee and get to know one another. We can also meet on zoom or the phone, as well. 

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