Mateo & Co is more than just a team of badass luxury wedding & event photographers. Mateo & Co is a luxury brand, specializing predominantly in high-value, high-production, wedding & event photography. We are based in Dallas & New Orleans, covering weddings all over.

Capturing Your Love Story

Your wedding is one of the grandest and most unforgettable days of your life. We hold that sentiment close and make it our mission to narrate your wedding story with not just authenticity, but with elegance. With our on-site stylist ensuring our couples are flawless and Mateo’s extensive experience in capturing weddings since 2012, rest assured, we’ve got you covered! Our ultimate goal? To ensure both of you have the time of your lives. We’re all about banishing anything stuffy or dull from your photos – because who needs that? We’ll ensure your day is nothing short of amazing, while still ensuring you both look absolutely stunning.


Let’s kick off by addressing what doesn’t fly with us – those cheesy, contrived poses? Not our jam. As Mateo puts it, “Your photos often mirror your photographer’s natural style. If your photographer exudes coolness, has an eye for fashion, and appreciates the finer things, expect those vibes to shine through in your photos.” Just a little something to chew on.

Each of our couples brings their own flair and vision, and we’re all about delivering photos that are not just stylish, but also exude fun, timelessness, and that cool factor. We thrive on providing a mix of editorial sophistication as well as the easygoing, natural lifestyle vibes.

Authenticity Meets Elegance

By genuinely getting to know our couple’s style and personality, our team is able to capture them authentically, for who they both are, providing cherishable moments for a lifetime. Our clients consider us not only their storytellers, their friends, but an added resource to help them stay carefree on their wedding day. Luxury is all about the overall experience you have, and that is what you will have with us.

Mateo always says- “There’s two things in the wedding industry you cannot buy- Tenure & Class.” With the pleasure of capturing hundreds of weddings, we have mastered how to truly tell a couple’s story through the lens, make sure they look their absolute best, and showcase the design and look of that wedding in the most exquisite way possible.

We Highly Recommend a Wedding Planner

Although we are an invaluable resource on your wedding day, we certainly do not replace the value & need of a wedding planner. In fact, we highly encourage you to hire a wedding planner, or at a minimum a licensed coordinator for ‘event management.’

Destination Weddings

At Mateo & Co, we’re always ready to jet off to your dream destination because we thrive on capturing the magic of weddings worldwide! Destination weddings are our passion, and we’re experts at seamlessly blending into any location to ensure your love story is beautifully preserved. With extensive travel experience and established vendor partnerships both near and far, rest assured, your destination wedding photography is in the best hands possible. So, if you’re ready to embark on this incredible journey with us, let’s make it happen! Whether it’s a tropical beach, a majestic mountaintop, or a charming European cityscape, we’re ready to turn your destination wedding into an unforgettable visual masterpiece.

About Mateo

Meet Matt (aka ‘Mateo’) Diaz, our Founder & Creative Director, who’s not just a photography virtuoso but a prominent figure in our local community. With an impressive track record, including serving on the boards of NACE (National Association of Catering & Events) New Orleans, WIPA Dallas, and numerous other committees, Mateo saw an opportunity to foster community involvement within the industry. Thus, he initiated a series of elaborate yet incredibly enjoyable events, uniting wedding and event professionals, local business leaders, and community influencers. These gatherings not only promote inclusivity but also serve as charitable endeavors, with each event benefiting a different cause close to our hearts.

Mateo & Company’s stellar reputation extends far and wide, with features in prestigious publications and the honor of being inducted into ‘The Knot’s Hall of Fame’ for consistently earning ‘The Knot’s Best of Weddings’ accolade year after year.

So, let’s connect over cocktails or coffee, or set up a call, and let’s see if we’re a match made in wedding photography heaven. We’re all about good vibes, good times, and great conversations!

Corporate Events

In addition to our expertise in wedding photography, our team excels in capturing corporate and social events. From conferences to corporate gatherings and parties, our skilled photographers are equipped to document a wide array of occasions with precision and artistry. For further details regarding our corporate services, please click here.

Check out our Founder & Creative Director (Mateo) on Bravo TV Southern Charm New Orleans photographing Reagan & Reece’s wedding. Featured in People Magazine as well.


My grandmother hailed from El Salvador, a remarkable woman whose love and strength profoundly influenced my life. To her, I was always her “Mateito” – her little Matthew/Mateo – and she had a knack for making me feel like the center of her universe. She instilled in me the belief that I could achieve anything I set my heart on. Though she departed on October 3, 2009, her spirit remains a guiding force, urging me to reach for even greater heights.

I am so thankful for the unwavering love and support of my Abuela, my family, and my incredible team of rockstars.

Choosing the name Mateo was a way to keep my grandmother’s memory alive and well by my side, while the “& co.” symbolizes the importance of our team. At Mateo & Co., each member is integral to our collective success. During weddings, we have a “Creative Coordinator/Stylist” alongside our associate photographer, ensuring every detail is meticulously attended to. They not only assist with bringing our creative vision to life but also manage our schedule and, most importantly, ensure our couples look absolutely stunning. They are our secret weapons. Our couples adore our team approach, as it really ensures the overall experience of the day is met.

Together, we are Mateo & Co. – more than just a group of talented professionals, but a tight-knit family dedicated to our craft and the happiness of those we serve.

Matt 'Mateo' Diaz

Founder & Creative Director

Mateo is the Founder & Creative Director of Mateo & Company. Photography and events are two things Mateo has loved since he was a kid. In 2008, he started focusing on his craft and began shooting professionally. He has been shooting weddings since 2012 and just loves everything about it. He is also very passionate about the community and loves to host events for charity, as well as for the wedding & event industry. Mateo is all about having a good time in life and believes your wedding should be all about having a good time as well. “Fabulous & Fun” is his motto.

Scot Dickey

Creative Coordinator & Stylist

Meet Scot Dickey, a pivotal member of Mateo & Co as one of our Lead Creative Assistant/Stylists. With an innate flair for detail and design, Scot plays a vital role in our team. His meticulous attention to our couples and the finer intricacies that elevate each moment allows Mateo and the rest of the team to concentrate on perfecting composition, framing, architectural nuances, lighting, and overall ambiance. Scot’s dedication sometimes leads to bold decisions, like urging Mateo to redesign an entire room mid-portrait session, but rest assured, his commitment ensures we capture THE shot every time.


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