High-value and high-production events, is our speciality. Our teams in New Orleans & Dallas are consistently photographing corporate and social events, as well as destination events for our corporate clients.

We are not your typical corporate photographers that ‘turn and burn’ through events, that barely edit the photos. Because we specialize in a high-value, high-production (‘luxury’) events, our approach is to tell that event’s story with intention and to create elevation. We take the time to understand our client’s needs and future use of those images.

We specialize in New Orleans & Dallas corporate event photography, conferences, trade shows, and more. Matt (‘Mateo’) Diaz, our founder & lead photographer, is a local community leader in Dallas & New Orleans. He has served on many boards and committees for national organizations, national events, as well as major local events & organizations.

For our corporate clients, we think about the marketing of these images for those clients and how they can use them for PR, online marketing, collateral marketing, etc. We make sure we think about all the important factors to create marketing content that brings your company more revenue in the future- elevation, diversity, brand appropriateness, etc.

Reach out to us and let us know what your company is looking for, and we can discuss what Mateo & Company can bring to the table. Whether that is for Dallas or New Orleans corporate event photography, trade shows, etc.

New Orleans & Dallas Corporate Event Photography. New Orleans & Dallas Conference Event Photography. Dallas & New Orleans Commercial Event Photography.

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