A Delightful ‘Kentucky Derby’ Themed Dallas Wedding Planner Event at Hotel Crescent Court

A Delightful ‘Kentucky Derby’ Themed Dallas Wedding Planner Event at Hotel Crescent Court


Step into the world of Southern charm and elegance as we take you through a delightful experience at the ‘Kentucky Derby’ themed Dallas Wedding Planner Event hosted at the luxurious Hotel Crescent Court. As passionate wedding photographers, and friends of the hotel, we had the privilege of capturing the magic of this fun soirée for the top wedding planners from Dallas.

Nestled in the heart of Dallas, Hotel Crescent Court exudes sophistication and timeless beauty. The grandeur of this iconic venue provided the perfect backdrop for a Derby-inspired gathering, where classic Southern elements blended seamlessly with modern elegance.

From the moment guests arrived, they were greeted with warm Southern hospitality and whisked away to a world of mint juleps, oversized hats, and vibrant decor.

No Kentucky Derby celebration would be complete without the iconic mint juleps, and Hotel Crescent Court’s skilled mixologists crafted the perfect concoctions. As guests mingled and enjoyed the libations, the culinary team delighted them with an array of delectable Southern-inspired delicacies.

As photographers, we reveled in the opportunity to capture the joy and excitement of the event. From candid moments of laughter and camaraderie to elegant shots of beautifully adorned guests, every click of our camera aimed to immortalize the spirit of this enchanting celebration.

The ‘Kentucky Derby’ themed event was not short on entertainment. A live jazz band serenaded the guests, creating a lively ambiance that had everyone tapping their toes. Additionally, we provided our ‘AI Face Detection/Instant Photo Delivery’ technology, allowing guests to receive their photos instantly. The hotel also put together a fun scavenger hunt, with incredible prizes for the winners.

The ‘Kentucky Derby’ themed Dallas Wedding Planner Event at Hotel Crescent Court was an exceptional affair that embodied the essence of Southern charm and sophistication. As photographers, we were honored to capture the joy and camaraderie of this super fun soirée. The event exemplified the magic that happens when creativity, hospitality, and the love for weddings come together under one roof.


Event Partners: Mateo & Company | Jordan Kahn Music Company | The Crescent Club | Royal Event Rentals


Offered guests a delightful experience, receiving real-time candid or posed photos throughout the event, complemented by custom event branding tailored to each client’s preferences.

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