Mateo & Company Job Opportunities

We are always open to collecting resumes and considering potential candidates in the future.


Below are job openings that we are currently seeking candidates for. These candidates will not only work some with Mateo & Co., but also our sister company that is in the launching stage right now (photo & video production for businesses):



  • This position is for either a hybrid position or multiple candidates that are great at each- photography, videography, photo editing, video editing. We are seeking individuals who do not own their own photography/videography company and are freelancers looking to grow more and develop with a company.
  • This position may also be for someone that is in the learning phases, has a decent amount of knowledge but really wants a more mentorship type role to develop their skillsets and grow with a company

Part-Time Marketing Assistant

  • This position is for someone who has a marketing background and is looking utilize their current skillsets and expand on them. We are seeking a candidate that is interested in a growing company wants to see themself grow with it. 
  • We are not looking for someone that runs a marketing style company themselves
  • Need someone that is in the New Orleans area or willing to drive multiple days a week

Part-Time Assistant Studio/Admin Manager & Personal Assistant

  • This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to really feel a part of something and grow with the company as it is starting to scale. Ideal candidate is someone who has interest in business management and/or operations or wants to eventually launch their own business one day. Maybe someone who has interest in photo/video but wants to really develop their skillset on the backend of a business.
  • Need someone that is in the New Orleans area
  • This role is definitely for someone who is okay with a flexible schedule in the beginning, loves organization and structure, etc
  • Think you are the right person for this role? Please submit your resume to [email protected] and also fill out this Employee Candidate Questionnaire


Please submit all resumes, and which position you are interested in, to [email protected]


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