Mateo & Company Job Opportunities

We are always open to collecting resumes and considering potential candidates in the future.


Below are job openings that we are currently seeking candidates for:


Part-Time Photographer

  • This position is a part-time photographer for high-end weddings & events. We are seeking individuals who own their own equipment are freelancers looking to grow more and develop with a company.
  • This position may also be for someone that is in the learning phases, has a decent amount of knowledge but really wants a more mentorship type role to develop their skillsets and grow with a company. 
  • In this position, we will bring you into our mentor program that allows you to be polished in your skills and trained to shoot in the standards Mateo & Company requires for their clients.
  • Experience Preferred (not required):
    • photographing events & weddings, using flash on camera and off camera.
    • experience posing individuals for portraits
    • working in high-energy and face-paced environments
    • technical abilities working with various types of cameras and using full manual settings
    • full understanding on ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc
    • creative eye
    • fun and professional

Part-Time Marketing Assistant

  • This position is for someone who has a marketing background and is looking utilize their current skillsets and expand on them. We are seeking a candidate that is interested in a growing company wants to see themself grow with it. 
  • We are not looking for someone that runs a marketing style company themselves, but are open to the idea. 
  • Need someone that is in the Dallas area or willing to drive multiple days a week.

Part-Time Assistant Studio/Admin Manager & Personal Assistant

  • This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to really feel a part of something and grow with the company as it continues to scale. Ideal candidate is someone who has interest in business management and/or operations or wants to eventually launch their own business one day. Maybe someone who has interest in photo/video but wants to really develop their skillset on the backend of a business.
  • Need someone that is in the Dallas area
  • This role is definitely for someone who is okay with a flexible schedule in the beginning, loves organization and structure, etc



Please submit all resumes, and which position you are interested in, to [email protected]


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