New Orleans Engagement Photography Session | Brooke & Luke


“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” John MuirĀ 

Nature really does bring out the tenderness and beauty of love. And we sure think this New Orleans Engagement Photography session proves just that. Brooke and Luke have known each other and have been together for years and finally got engaged this past year! These young lovers chose to take their engagements at the Barataria Preserves on the Westbank outside of Marrero. Nature walks are always a great choice for any type of photography, especially in Louisiana. They’re an intimate place to take a walk with family or with a loved one. And you get such warm, rich light. They picked the perfect day for it!

Brooke and Luke definitely have something special. They just have fun together! They love biking together on the nature trails so they brought their bikes along. They even got on a log in the marsh, they were down for anything! We’ve found you always have the best adventures in life when you go off the trail. Each photo we captured shows their deep, authentic love for each other. It’s so amazing to find that in young couples.

We’re so glad we got to take Brooke and Luke’s engagements! We’ll be joining them on their wedding day as well in October so stay tuned! Check out their sweet New Orleans Engagement Photography and then go take a walk in nature!

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