Priscilla & Donald’s New Orleans The Mazant Wedding Photography

Priscilla & Donald’s New Orleans The Mazant Wedding Photography was the perfect smaller wedding. They had about 100 people in attendance, including their closest friends and family, and it could not have gone any better. The wedding took place at The Mazant in the Bywater of New Orleans.

The couple met through Donald’s best friend Andy, who is no longer here unfortunately, back in Junior High. Andy and Priscilla actually had a crush on each other at that time and Priscilla would prank call Andy all the time saying she was Domino’s. Priscilla had become great friends with Donald and his sister all through high school. At some point Priscilla had moved to Houston but her and Donald stayed in touch a lot. Donald and Priscilla both are free spirits and enjoy taking their time in life.

The two of them become a lot closer as they realized they have lots of similar interests, as well as raised in similar family dynamics and morals. As they put it- “We were the two best friends that always said marriage was not for us, but as our friendship and bond grew, a love also blossomed so purely and naturally, a love that neither of us could deny.” Priscilla also said- “To this day we both feel a sense that Andy in heaven is looking down on us and by fate help us gravitate towards  each other.  I know its cliche’ but I’m 110% sure for a fact, I get to marry my best friend!”

The two of them definitely share an amazing bond together and truly the perfect couple! We loved being a part of Priscilla & Donald’s New Orleans The Mazant Wedding Photography.


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