Anne & Kaylyn’s Same-Sex New Orleans Wedding Photography

Check out some highlights from Anne & Kaylyn’s Same-Sex New Orleans Wedding Photography

Anne & Kaylyn’s same-sex New Orleans wedding day was something so special to be a part of, and their love for one another is even more. Anne & Kaylyn planned their entire wedding and hired vendors who they considered family. The couple did an amazing job with centering their wedding vibe around their personalities. A classical wedding with an intimate feel, romantic elements, and a combination of eccentricity with a dash of glitz and glam. Having all of these innocent and strange elements come together, in combination with Kaylyn’s Cajun Catholic to celebrate a same-sex wedding was something you see in a movie. In their words, “We always say we get to be weirdos for life now and while of course meeting we started that journey together, but our wedding really began our lifelong commitment”.

This being a same sex marriage, you ask who proposed to who or did both?

Adorable story- Kaylyn is the one who proposed! The couple was having a great day and went on a date to a cute bar named, “Four Seasons” in Metairie. The patio is filled with string lights and complimented with a fountain flowing in the background. Anne & Kaylyn were the only two in the place. Anne expressed that yes it does sound weird to propose at a bar but it’s not about just the place, and to them this is beautiful, and the moment was even more special. In better words, Anne explained, “I think at that moment of us just soaking the night in the words ran out of her mouth. She said, ” Will you marry me?”  I said “what?” (I heard what she asked) I saw her cheeks turning bright pink and she repeated herself and asked ” Anne, will you marry me?” I of course told her yes, a million times. I knew she was the one for me before she asked. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect for us proposal”.

The couple gave us some information about being an engaged LGBTQ+ couple. “Be realistic about your budget! Take things in stride but don’t procrastinate. Weddings sneak up on you. Time really does fly by when you’re planning. Follow what you want your traditions to be. So many people that we know do things they don’t really want to do in order to appease others. You will want to look back and smile not regret and wish you had done something different. Create your new traditions or follow old ones. It’s your day to shine. Don’t be afraid to ask other married couples for advice! That’s how we got through a lot of our planning process. Talk to each other and try to remember it’s not just about the wedding – you’re really planning your marriage and commitment for life to each other. You are marrying your love, confidante, twin flame and your bestie all in one. Nothing else matters once that day arrives”.

The family and friends brought the party to the dance floor and danced all night long! Anne & Kaylyn both had a fun wedding party of a total of 22 people! With all men for groomsmen and all women for bridesmaids. This a true statement of a celebration, there were no boundaries or standards. It was a day to celebrate love and the beginning of a beautiful lifelong journey.

Anne & Kaylyn’s Same-Sex New Orleans Wedding Photography was such an honor to be a part and we could not be anymore thrilled for them! Congrats ladies!

We love how Anne & Kaylyn chose to get ready together in the same room. This is another new tradition that we are seeing on the rise. It is also a good way to use that money from an additional suite, towards something else. Although they did feel the need for a first look, we did a mini one in the room for them.


Makeup: PreauxFace for Wedding Party, Kristen Collins Makeup for Brides

Florals & Décor: Crystal Vase Flowers

Venue: Hyatt Centric New Orleans

DJ: Joe & Esther DJ

Cake: Haydel’s Bakery

Photographer: Mateo & Co.

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