Nicole & Clay’s New Orleans Garden District Wedding

Check out these highlights from Nicole & Clay’s New Orleans Garden District Wedding!

Nicole and Clay are a picture-perfect couple and we had so much fun photographing their beautiful wedding at the New Orleans Opera Guild Home. The Opera Guild Home is a unique venue with small features that made the biggest impact in Nicole and Clays photos. Not only did the venue make it easy to take amazing photos but the couple’s gleeful personality made it all come together. The reception was far from your average entertainment at an Opera House, everyone was up and dancing having a great time! Nicole and Clay are a couple we will never forget, seeing the love the two had for each other was contagious and brought joy to everyone around them. Their relationship building up to the marriage is something out of a movie, PLEASE READ MORE!

Nicole & Clay's New Orleans Garden District Wedding


Their Story: “Patience is a Virtue”

Nicole and Clay met in high school, when Clay was a junior and Nicole a beautiful little freshman. The two had speech class together but had little to no communication, and only a single slow dance at the winter ball in high school. After graduation the two went separate ways, Clay went to West Virginia University and Nicole to New York City to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).


Nicole & Clay's New Orleans Garden District Wedding Kissing

However, Clay never forgot Ms. Nicole and those small but so meaningful interactions in their teenage years. While Clay was in college, he came across a local newspaper with a fashion section, where it talked about Nicole and her successes. He thought this would be an opportunity to reach out. Nicole simply replied with a thank you, and the two continued their studies. After Clay graduated college, he and his sister Paige took a trip to the “Big Apple”. Clay had never forgotten that beautiful freshman Nicole, he reached out to her again, asking to see her while he was in town. Nicole being the successor that she is, she was very busy at the time and could only meet for church.

Church was nice, but Clay could not get Nicole off his mind and he wanted to ask so many questions about who she is. However, Nicole seemed to be interested in other plans. Almost and entire decade later (8 years). Clay was working and living in New Orleans, and one evening saw on Facebook that Nicole was in town with a friend. Once again, Clay being the persistent man he is, reached out. This time Nicole seemed interested in these plans, and her and her friend thought it would be great to have a local show them around. Little did Nicole know that this local would be filled with an afternoon of great conversation at The Columns.

The afternoon of connecting through similar views on life and interesting travel stories, led to wanting to know more. The two began to continue logging in hours upon hours of conversation from two opposite ends of the U.S. This soon led to visiting each other, and after four months Nicole and Clay became official on October 1, 2016. The distance between them grew their love even stronger and brought growth, grace and hope. During their one-year anniversary trip to the “Big Easy” Clay knew she was the one and asked, “”What do you want?” I responded, “You and Piglets!” (BBQ was the plan for dinner.) He then asked, “Do you want me on one knee?” This led to one of life’s sweetest moments. We celebrated our engagement at Cochon where we became an official couple 1 year prior”.

Nicole & Clay’s New Orleans Garden District Wedding was one for the books! It was the perfect intimate, New Orleans Wedding! They ended with a second line throughout the Garden District.



Flowers: Arbor House – Joey Landry

Invitations: Carlson Craft

Cake: Gambino’s Bakery

Hair & Make-up: Fairytales and Brides

Transportation: Rhodes

Save the Date Watercolor: Riley Sheehey by makethingsco

Dress: Allure Romance

Ring: Tiffany & Co.

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Photographer: Mateo & Company

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