BE Collective New Orleans Felicity Church Entertainment Company Event

We loved photographing the BE Collective New Orleans Felicity Church Entertainment Company Event.

Felicity Church in New Orleans was the venue host for an extraordinary event brought to fruition by the collaboration of BE Collective and Blue Gardenia Events. BE Collective threw a badass party for their entertianement company, showcasing all they had to offer.

The historic venue provided the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with exquisite design and unparalleled entertainment.

Blue Gardenia Events curated a breathtaking design that seamlessly blended with the timeless elegance of Felicity Church. Their attention to detail and creativity transformed the space into a visual masterpiece, enhancing the ambiance and setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

At the heart of the event was BE Collective, the premier entertainment company known for their exceptional talent and professionalism. From lively bands to dynamic DJs and innovative hybrid DJ concepts, BE Collective curated an electrifying atmosphere that kept guests on their feet all night long. The BE Collective New Orleans Felicity Church Entertainment Company Event was one for the books!

Their talented singers and dancers added an extra layer of excitement, captivating the audience with their captivating performances. BE Collective’s ability to tailor their entertainment offerings to suit any occasion is truly remarkable, making them the ultimate choice for event entertainment.

Working with BE Collective is always a pleasure, as they consistently deliver top-notch performances that exceed expectations. Their dedication to excellence and passion for creating memorable experiences shine through in every aspect of their work.

We particularly love collaborating with BE Collective because of the versatility of their talent roster. Whether it’s a soulful band serenading guests during dinner, a high-energy DJ spinning beats on the dance floor, or a dynamic hybrid DJ concept seamlessly blending live music and electronic sounds, BE Collective knows how to elevate any event to new heights.

Their singers and dancers are equally impressive, bringing charisma and energy to the stage that keeps the crowd engaged and entertained throughout the night. With BE Collective at the helm, every event becomes a celebration to remember.

In conclusion, the recent event at Felicity Church in New Orleans, orchestrated by BE Collective and Blue Gardenia Events, was a testament to the power of collaboration and creativity. From the stunning design to the outstanding entertainment, every aspect of the evening was executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. BE Collective’s commitment to excellence and passion for entertainment truly sets them apart as the premier choice for event entertainment in New Orleans and beyond.

Event Partners:

Event: BE Collective Showcase

Planning & Event Design: Blue Gardenia Events

Photography: Mateo & Company

Venue: Felicity Church

Balloons: Sparkle & Swag/ Z Event Co

Florals & D├ęcor: Kim Starr Wise

Catering: Black Pearl Catering Co


Enjoy the photos from the BE Collective New Orleans Felicity Church Entertainment Company Event!

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