New Orleans Kimpton Hotel Fontenot Wedding Planner Event

New Orleans Kimpton Hotel Fontenot Wedding Planner Event: Hotel Fontenot’s Renovated Roof Deck and Stunning Spaces

We loved photographing this ‘New Orleans Kimpton Hotel Fontenot Wedding Planner Event!’ In the heart of New Orleans lies a gem for events: Hotel Fontenot. With its newly renovated roof deck and exquisite event spaces, this boutique hotel sets the stage for unforgettable experiences. Whether it’s a high-end corporate affair, a glamorous social gathering, or a dreamy wedding celebration, Hotel Fontenot provides the perfect backdrop.

The newly revamped roof deck offers panoramic views of the city, creating a picturesque setting for any event. Imagine sipping cocktails under the stars or dancing the night away with the city lights as your backdrop – Hotel Fontenot’s roof deck makes it possible.

Inside, the hotel boasts a variety of event spaces designed to cater to every need. From intimate gatherings to grand receptions, there’s a space to suit every occasion. The elegant decor and impeccable service elevate events to new heights, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. They also have the best hotel lounge bar- The Peacock Room, which is also great for private events, or casual hangouts.

As photographers, we have had the pleasure of capturing the magic of events at Hotel Fontenot. The attention to detail and the stunning surroundings always make for breathtaking photographs. Whether it’s the sleek modern design of the interior spaces or the romantic charm of the rooftop, every corner of Kimpton Hotel Fontenot is a photographer’s dream.

For event planners, clients, corporations, or anyone seeking a venue that combines luxury, style, and unparalleled service, Hotel Fontenot is the perfect choice. With its newly renovated roof deck and exceptional event spaces, it’s the ideal setting for creating unforgettable memories. Book your event at Hotel Fontenot and let the magic unfold.

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