Chad and Max Same Sex Southern Oaks New Orleans Wedding

Chad & Max met online in 2010, but it wasn’t util early 2011 that they went on their first date. They had their first face-to-face meeting at the Farmhouse in Burlington, Vermont. They later discovered that they had both moved from New York to Vermont in early May of 2010, but did not know each other!

Max is from Connecticut and went to college in Connecticut, NYC, & Massachusetts. He soon moved to Vermont as a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Chad is from Long Island, New York and went to college in Hawaii, Montana, Florida, and New Hampshire. He relocated to Vermont to work after finishing school.

They dated for about 8 months before moving in together in Vermont. Two years later, Chad proposed to Max at the Great Wall of China. They then moved to Philadelphia to begin preparations for their married life.

The two make a great pair: Max is an introverted professional with a great sense of humor, while Chad is extroverted, free, and casual. Together, you can find them drinking scotch and rum and enjoying life.

Lauren Burgess was the planner for Chad & Max Same Sex Southern Oaks New Orleans Wedding.

Their florist was Brittney Ray.








The cake was a three tier raspberry-filled almond cake with vanilla buttercream by Gambino’s Bakery.

Chad & Max Same Sex Southern Oaks New Orleans Wedding was a great time had by all.

We love shooting same sex weddings because there really is no traditional way of how it should be done–you get to add your own twists and do it how you want. We love how Chad & Max chose to walk down the aisle together, too.



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