Bruce & Alonna City Park Surprise Engagement

We thoroughly enjoy putting together & photographing surprise engagements for our clients. Bruce & Alonna City Park Surprise Engagement was a huge success!

Bruce and Alonna were planning to go to Italy this year, but that could not happen this year because of Covid. To make up for it, Bruce told Alonna that they were going on a gondola ride in City Park.

After the gondola ride, Bruce proposed to Alonna. Bruce wanted lots of photos of the occasion, so we set up in a spot where Alonna could not see us until she walked down the aisle.

Alonna loves the color green, so we made sure to incorporate her favorite color without clashing too much with the park. The marquee letters were by Alpha-Lit , the balloons were by Crescent City Balloons, and the florals were done by Fat Cat Flowers. 

Alonna was absolutely ecstatic at the proposal, and all of the effort that Bruce put in. Conveniently, a week before, she had sent Bruce a Tik Tok of a proposal that was not much different from the one that we were already planning!

The lighting in the park after Bruce & Alonna City Park Surprise Engagement was incredible and we were able to capture some great photos of the couple.

Congratulations to Bruce and Alonna!

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