Kate & Claire’s Gorgeous New Orleans Popp Fountain Same-Sex Marriage

Checkout the highlights from Kate & Claire’s gorgeous New Orleans Popp Fountain same-sex marriage New Orleans wedding and their fairy tale love story! This wedding was featured in Bridal Musings, so be sure to check it out there as well.
“How the story began”
Kate & Claire met on OkCupid and made their first date at the Ardesia Wine Bar in December 2013. Ever since that first date, the two never checked OkCupid again. From there on the love story began. Their first trip together was in New Orleans in April of 2014, to attend one of Kates friends’ weddings at the Popp Fountain. Kate & Claire are grateful that the law on gay marriage was passed and the nation wide right to marry will be read at the ceremony. Side note, this was such a powerful moment in the ceremony. It was beautiful, powerful, and touched everyone’s heart!
“The Proposal Story”
They each proposed to each other; so cute!!! Kate proposed to Claire on January 12, 2018 in the same cabin in the Hudson Valley where the couple said “I love you” for the first time. In Kate’s words, “After tracking down the same cabin  we rented years prior, I knew I had to come up with an excuse to get Claire upstate for the weekend. I told her I had a deposition upstate, and that she should meet me in Rhine beck by train afterwork. That way, I had all day to drive up to the Hudson Valley and set up the house before she arrived. I hung dozens of photos of us around the house, and placed roses everywhere. After picking Claire up from the train station, and nervously going out to dinner, I took her back to the house where I proposed in the exact spot where we said “I love you” for the first time.
Claire “counter-proposed” a couple of months later, on April 14, 2018. In Claire’s words,“Despite my questionable cooking skills, I made dinner for Kate. I had her friends trick her into going out for drinks and in the hour she was gone, I ran across our DUMBO, Brooklyn neighborhood and purchased flowers, food and wine, set up clues around the house, made dinner and set up a beautiful table on the roof. The clues led her to the roof, and I got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me, also?” with the beautiful Manhattan Bridge behind me. I had left a key for her friends to sneak into our apartment downstairs as a final surprise when she opened the door”. The April 6, 2019 wedding will be the first legally recognized event to unite Kate & Claire as a couple. For avoidance of doubt, they have not been married, nor are the two in a civil union. They have also never had any non-legally recognized ceremony/event of any kind.
“The Wedding”
The wedding ceremony was held at the Popp Fountain in New Orleans City Park. The weather for this day turned out perfect and one could sense in the air how special this day is. Spanish Oak Events did a fantastic job decorating and preparing this ceremony. The Fat Cat Flowers made the wedding come to life even more with their brilliant floral touches and expertise. Please see the photos below to see the ceremony! Shortly after the ceremony, the Kinfolk Brass Band led the couple and everyone to the reception in the Arbor Room. Where Spanish Oak Events, Fat Cats Flowers, and BBJ Linen decorated this room with such amazing attention to detail. Firefly Ambiance tied everything together with their gorgeous ambient lighting and elegant furniture. The Haydels Bakery made some delicious dishes and some that were so nicely done, you almost didn’t want to eat them because they were done so well. Kate & Claire’s wedding party were a blast all day and brought that same energy to the dance floor. Of course, with the help of the DJ from Music Source Media to bring those jams and get everyone on their feet. We had so much fun photographing this wedding and being there for an incredible same sex marriage . We want to thank Kate & Claire for letting us be apart of this amazing day and their empowering love that carries this contagious energy!
Kate & Claire’s Gorgeous New Orleans Popp Fountain Same-Sex Marriage was certainly one for the books! Their relationship is one of a kind and so was their family and friends.
Planner & Designer- Spanish Oak Events
Ceremony Venue- Popp Fountain
Reception Venue- Arbor Room
Caterer- City Park
Officiant- Brian Koncius
Photographer- Mateo & Co.
Videographer- Monoto
Linen- BBj Linens
Second Line- Kinfolk Brass Band
Lighting & Funriture- Firefly Ambiance
Hair & Makeup- Flawless Bride
Transportation- Bonomolo Limo
Audio- The Sound Source
Photo booth- Music Media Source

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