Taylor & Alex New Orleans Warehouse District Wedding Photography

Checkout the highlights from Taylor & Alex New Orleans Warehouse District Wedding Photography!

It was an honor shooting this wedding! From the very start of the day there was high energy from both sides of the wedding party. Everyone had a blast being models for the day, and the weather and scenery could not have turned out any better. Both Alex and Taylor prepared at a  beautiful Airbnb on Race St., in the Lower Garden District in New Orleans. The Airbnb made it fun taking photographs and we were able to take stunning portraits in a beautiful and unique aesthetic. The first look photos were something Taylor & Alex wanted to highlight and be romantic, different, and fun. Which, I must say I think we all did a great job!(as you can see below)

“How The Two Met”

“We met one Halloween when we both dressed up as The Dude from The Big Lebowski!”.  The two went to a bar with some friends and Taylor was with someone at the time and ran into Alex at the bar. They both ordered the same drink, which was a white Russian (the signature drink from the movie). Months later Taylor was now a single woman, and Alex was determined to take this beautiful woman on a date. Him being so persistent and not taking ‘no’ for an answer, Taylor said yes to a date. From that first date is when it all started!”

“The Wedding”

The wedding ceremony was held at the Mississippi River Heritage Park, in this gorgeous field with amazing floral work and unique wooden chairs. This park is located in the Warehouse District. As you can see in the photos below, not one chair was the same and the wood complemented the floral design so well. The weather was a gift and made this day even more special and beautiful. The floral work was done by Beth’s Florist. Both bridesmaids and groomsmen looked great with their bouquets and boutonnieres. Shortly after the ceremony, the Nola Dukes Band second lined all the way to the reception at the Republic NOLA. Where Beth and Nouvelle Fete decorated this place with such detail and lovely décor. The celebration had just begun, and the bridal party brought the energy into the building.

Taylor & Alex New Orleans Warehouse District Wedding Photography was absolutely stunning.

Taylor & Alex are a quirky fun couple who loves to smile and, most of all, have FUN! The night was filled with laughter, dance moves, and memories that I think myself and the guest will forever cherish.


Mississippi Heritage Park

Republic NOLA

Nola Dukes Band

Nouvelle Fete

Beths Florist

Catering D’Orleans


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