Mandeville Louisiana Wedding Photography | Tyler & Gabi


Tyler and Gabrielle met in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2007 through friends of friends, and interest was sparked immediately. The next time they got together, they played spin the bottle on the Lakefront in Mandeville, at Fountainbleau State Park. Luckily, the game went in Tyler and Gabi’s favor, as they were “forced” to kiss each other over and over as the night went on! As Tyler puts it, they were inseparable after that night. Seven years later, back at the Lakefront, Tyler asked Gabi to marry him. They packed their bags and moved across the country with their puppy. They’re both real adventurers. Finally, in January 2018, the lovely couple returned to Fountainbleau State Park on the Lakefront, and were married in a small and intimate ceremony.

While we love shooting big weddings, we always jump at the opportunity to capture smaller, more intimate weddings. Whether it is an engagement shoot, or an elopement, there is just something about capturing couples who are alone with each other, or surrounded by only their closest friends and family. Tyler and Gabi’s wedding was familiar, yet still non-traditional in some wonderful ways. We always love a good mix of the two!

This Mandeville Louisiana wedding shoot is one of our favorites of 2018 so far. Tyler and Gabi are an awesome couple, and we enjoyed every moment capturing their story. Check out some highlights below!

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