It’s time for some new wedding traditions


At Diaz Nola Photography, we love what we do. While we certainly cherish the opportunity to shoot a good, old fashioned wedding, we also like to find ways to push things forward. It means the opportunity to capture creation instead of tradition. It’s time for some new wedding traditions.

Two bouquets in one wedding? Why not!

Look, we’ve got nothing against couples who wanna throw a bouquet. There is no denying that there is romance in tradition. These things can feel like a passage rite, something you have to do before your day feels complete. However, we are fascinated by the idea that every wedding opens up a new world of passage rites! What is something that represents you, something that becomes a new passage rite, something that makes your wedding your wedding? Imagine creating a wedding experience now that your grandchildren will want to recreate themselves– just like that, you’ve spawned your own tradition!

Why not ditch the bouquet altogether for a dog instead?!

What about same sex couples? Same sex marriage, in the grand scheme, is a new thing. There aren’t any rules, and there don’t have to be expectations.   Why wouldn’t you want to seize the opportunities so ripe in such a liminal phase? As far as weddings are concerned, there are some trails the LGBT community can blaze. You can really make this thing your own, you know?

What about a voodoo wedding cake? The bride and groom looked considerably healthier than their cake-top counterparts.

These are things we love to think about. And we love to work with people who are thinking about these things as well! We’ve linked to some stellar content from across the web on this same topic– just some thoughts on how the world of weddings could evolve!

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Diaz Nola Photography | It’s Time for Some New Wedding Traditions

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