Mateo’s 2021 New Orleans Birthday Bash

We are so excited to showcase Mateo & Co owner, Matt (‘Mate0’) Diaz’s, Mateo 2021 Birthday Bash. This year Matt decided to turn his birthday bash into one of his community events for some of his wedding/event industry friends and local community leader friends. Matt is very close in the community and felt we were all overdue for a real celebration, since the pandemic. Everyone could not have been more thrilled to celebrate, not only Mateo’s birthday, but also the ability to party with each other again. We (Mateo & Company), along with Relevate,  were proud to be host sponsors of the event.

Take a look at the event partners below, the pictures, as well as some helpful tips on how to have a successful party like this one. Mateo’s 2021 New Orleans Birthday Bash was definitely a hit.

We want to give a HUGE shout out to the event partners that made this event possible.

Birthday Boy: IG- @themateodiaz

Party Host Sponsors: Mateo & Company and Relevate

Venue: Fire House Loft

Spirits: Seven Three Distillery

Margaritas/Chips & Salsa: Tacos del Cartel

Wine/Champs: Vino Fine Wine & Spirits

Catering: Pigeon Catering (passed hors d’oeuvres/on-site catering), Lola’s (paella), The Salad Station (Veteran’s location- fresh make your own salad station), Clairly Vegan (Mushroom Gyros & Key Lime Cheesecake Bites), Reginelli’s Pizza

DJ: Mikey Offline (aka G Cue)

Emcee: Fresh Johnson

Balloons: Crescent City Balloons

Videography: Vidmento

Photography: Mateo & Company

Cake: Bittersweet Confections

Lighting: Insight Events

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We set the tone of the event with sexy servers, bartenders, & champagne greeters.

The Entertainment

Entertainment is a sure way to help transition the party from cocktail mingling to TURN Up & Get LIT. Some of our sexy servers/bartenders were also part of the surprise entertainment. We had two guys- Matthew & Reid with Yellow Box Circus come out as the entrance to the performance, stacked on top of one another and juggling knives simultaneously. These boys managed to be able to toss the knives back and forth and maintain juggling, all while ensuring everyone in the building captivated and blown away. The boys then split to the side, while still juggling knives the whole time, and Bobby Bonsey came out on his cowboy skates, with all the right moves. Bobby also was able to blow the crowd away with, not only his insane dance skills, but his incredible muscular build. Let’s just say….it got hot in there real quick- Bobby dancing in roller skates and two hot men juggling knives……THAT’S A PARTY! These three hot guys were able to pull off a flawless performance and this is where the night took a turn for the better!


The Emcee & DJ

Entertainment is not only about the performances and sexy dancers… really takes the right music entertainment to create/maintain the right vibe all night, and it also takes the right emcee. Your emcee is the backbone personality of your event. They are the person that makes sure everyone is listening to you when its time for the host to speak, they are one making sure everyone is on the dance floor, they are the one making sure your crowd is flowing in the right direction with the timeline of events… Successful guest experience requires that the whole production ties together seamlessly, and your DJ and emcee are a huge contributor to that. Fresh Johnson (amazing tv personality, radio personality, and extravagant party planner) & DJ Mikey Offline are the perfect duo to take your event to the next level.



This is another thing that is so crucial to overall vibe and success of an event. So many do not realize how crucial lighting is. Insight Events is an incredible company to work with for your events. Not only were there almost 15 up-lights put up, but there were pin lights set up all over the place to light things up that I felt were important, for not the only the look and feel but also the guest experience (for example, the food station- people need to be able to see the food they are eating). We had lights for the cake table, the food, the photo op/lounge section, the dance floor (controlled by a remote to keep the entertainment a surprise), etc. Keep that in mind for your future events :).

Incredible balloon design by: Crescent City Balloons

Real-Time Branded Photos

Branded photos with an overlay are the best way to create real-time buzz for your event, highlight the important aspects of it (from a marketing perspective), and make it interactive. For Mateo & Company, we use a face detection software to provide our guests with real-time, individualized gallery of all the photos you are spotted in throughout the night. For this event, we had a QR code setup at the entrance table, where our shirtless greeter assisted them in scanning it to upload their selfie. Once their selfie was uploaded, the system would then recognize them throughout the whole night and add all their photos into their own personalized gallery of photos. Such an amazing guest experience.

Want this for your event? Get in touch with us [email protected]


Check out the rest of the highlights below:

Passed hors d’oeuvres/on-site catering: Pigeon Catering – amazing catering company to use for any kind of event. 

Paella by: Lola’s 

Chips & Salsa + Margaritas by: Tacos Del Cartel – AMAZING!

Spirits by one of our best local distilleries: Seven Three Distilling


Salad Station provided by: The Salad Station on Veterans Blvd in Metairie- the perfect setup for a party with fresh salad and all the toppings you need.

Champagne & Wine by: Vino Fine Wines on Carrollton in New Orleans- purchase all your wine and champs needs from Milton over there. They know wine so well and are passionate about helping you. 

Cake by: Bittersweet Confections– Best baker in the city, for taste and design. 


Mateo’s 2021 Birthday Bash could not have been any more successful and fun. This is just what our community and industry need to kick off getting back to normal.

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