New Orleans Proposal Planning & Photography

New Orleans Proposal Planning & Photography is so much fun, and awesome to be a part of! We just love being able to make it something personal and provide a wow factor that will live forever! Milestones like these are something that you do not want to forget. So, taking it to the next level will certainly ensure that your future spouse does NOT forget. Want to get in touch with us? Click here. You can also email us at [email protected].

We offer different packages to really meet your needs. We have- photography only package, lite planning & coordination + photography, and then full planning/design + photography. The mid package is great for someone who just wants to not have the stress, but also wants to add a little oomph to make it special and unforgettable. The third package is for those that really want to take to the next level and provide, not only a wow look and feel, but also an incredible experience.

Here is an example of an amazing New Orleans Proposal Planning & Photography that we did. Our client really wanted to give his significant other an experience of a lifetime and show her how much she really meant to him.

We worked with him to pull this off and put together an amazing design and experience strategy for him. We were able to secure an iconic venue for him in the Garden District at Elms Mansion. We decided to do a surprise proposal inside the space and then give her a second big surprise. He told her they were going on a tour at this really cool mansion on St. Charles. Of course, Jessica over at The Elms knew exactly how to play that off and make it all perfect.

After the proposal happened, he told her he had another surprise in store for her. We arranged for them to have a private, intimate dinner under the gazebo, for just the two of them.

To really top things off, we had T-Ray the Violinist play for them during their dinner. We love some jazz music, but T-Ray is so much more than just jazz. He can play almost anything, from top hits to the best throwbacks. Talk about an experience that they will never forget!

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The florals, drape, chandelier, and candles were all from Fat Cat Flowers. The linens and table pieces were from Element. We went for a beachy coastal meets classic New Orleans vibe.

Here are some other examples of some amazing proposals we put together. Please be sure to get in touch with us soon and let us help you with your New Orleans Proposal Planning & Photography!


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