Audubon Park Surprise Engagement

We had such a great time planning and photographing this Audubon Park Surprise Engagement for Joe and Cynthia!

Joe wanted to make sure that the Audubon Park Surprise Engagement was beautiful, yet special and personal for his girlfriend, Cynthia.

The engagement had to take place in Audubon Park because they spend a lot of time together there. It also had to take place on the 18th, as that number is significant. Last, but certainly not least, Cynthia’s mother had to be present!

We wanted the Audubon Park Surprise Engagement to have a pretty, intimate, fall vibe. Fat Cat Flowers did all of the floral arrangements. We handled all of the candle decor.

Joe told Cynthia that he was taking her to an arts and crafts festival in the park with dinner to follow. She had no idea that she was about to be proposed to! All of the people in the park made for a great distraction. Even when she saw the Mateo & Company team and the setup, she still did not know what was going on!

Her reaction was absolutely priceless!

Joe was able to convince Cynthia’s mom to fly down for the weekend. He also suggested that they get manicures and pedicures earlier that day, so her nails would be done. Her mom helped her with her outfit and made sure that it matched the scheme of the decor.

After the engagement, we took photos of the couple at golden hour. All of these things made for an absolutely perfect engagement for the happy couple!

Congrats to Joe and Cynthia!

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