French Quarter Wedding Photography | Allison & TC


We were especially honored to shoot for Allison and TC. Allison is a wedding photographer herself! Perhaps it adds a bit of pressure, but it is more humbling than anything else. This is French Quarter Wedding Photography at its finest!

Allison and TC met through a mutual friend, and got along famously. They first became good friends, but later decided to date one another exclusively. They’ve since been inseparable in nearly all aspects of their life, including a very healthy working relationship between Allison’s work as a photographer, and TC’s work as an author.

In December of 2016, the couple made enjoyed a “tour” through Hotel Monteleone before what Allison thought would be a birthday dinner for her mother. The “tour” ended on a closed rooftop overlooking the Hotel Monteleone sign, a sight Allison has captured with her camera from the ground many times in the past. She says she has always found it beautiful. At this point, the jig was up. TC got down on one knee, and asked Allison if she’d seal the deal. Allison says the proposal was perfect, and she still brags about it to this day!

The wedding was intimate, with the ceremony and reception both held on Bourbon street at Pat O’Brien’s Briars Suite. We had an awesome time capturing moments we know will last a lifetime, from their “first look” to their vows, and finally their killer reception. Finally, we wrapped up the night with a shot of friends and family down below on Bourbon street, captured from the balcony above.

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